What is VoWiFi and how can you activate it on your Xiaomi

Although a few months ago we were talking about VoLTE technology and how to activate it in your Xiaomi , today we want to talk about VoWiFi . In contrast, this technology makes use of a WiFi connection to make calls even if we do not have mobile coverage.

Beyond GSM networks, phone calls have evolved in order to improve their quality and support. The arrival of the Internet has made these improve enormously , emerging technologies such as VoWiFI and VOLTE that are also compatible with our Xiaomi smartphones.

What is VoWiFi and what are its advantages after activating its use in a Xiaomi

To be exact, VoWiFI comes from Voice over WiFi , which is translated as "voice over WiFi". In itself, this technology allows us to make calls from our Xiaomi using the WiFi connection , something very interesting in areas where there is no mobile coverage.

activar VoWiFi Xiaomi, Redmi o POCO. Qué es, móviles compatibles, cómo funciona, diferencias VoLTE. Noticias Xiaomi A

Unlike VoLTE that makes use of mobile data, activating VoWiFi on a Xiaomi will make us use our WiFi connection to make calls. That if, although our smartphone is compatible, it will also depend on whether the mobile operator provides us with this service .

To all this, VoWiFi also has reduced energy consumption compared to other technologies. Its consumption is much less significant compared to VoIP calls or call services through applications such as Skype, Viper or WhatsApp.

How to activate VoWiFi on your Xiaomi

VoWiFi technology is generally disabled on our Xiaomi smartphones. To activate VoWiFi in a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO we will only have to perform the following steps:

activar VoWiFi Xiaomi, Redmi o POCO. Qué es, móviles compatibles, cómo funciona, diferencias VoLTE. Noticias Xiaomi A

  1. Dial * # * # 869434 # * # *. After that, the message « VoWiFi Carrier check was disabled « will appear, this will indicate that VoWiFi has been activated in our Xiaomi.
  2. Next we will go to Settings> SIM cards and mobile networks
  3. Once inside we activate the option « Make calls using Wi-Fi «.
    • If our Xiaomi is a Dual SIM smartphone, the VoWiFi option will be found in Settings> SIM cards and mobile networks> SIM1 / SIM2.

In this way we will be able to activate VoWiFi in our Xiaomi and make calls using the WiFi or WLAN connection of our smartphone.

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  1. i have enabled the calls, now how do i make a call over wifi?

  2. not work in my redmi note 9 pro
    the same sim card in huawei work fine but in xiaomi not work.
    in my xiaomi redmi note 9 pro only work volte but vowifi not work

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Bro
    Show me how to fix wifi low range in redmi 9 power device
    All of us are facing this problem

  5. VoWifi not working on my MIA3

  6. Hi there. What if I verified and tried in my GF´s REDMI 10 and VoWIFI worked fine. Even tho I am trying to make it work, I enabled VoWIFI switch in my RN8 with the same SIM card, I didnt work. Any clue about what is going on?

  7. Wawwwww, thank you! Very helpful!

  8. Work for me on Xiaomi 11T

  9. Works like a charm on Redmi 9T Pro. VoWiFi enabled and already tested over WiFi connection, thanx for the tip ;-)

  10. work for my red mi note 10 pro Thank you !

  11. The option appeared on my Poco x3 pro but I can't tell if it's working. How do I know?

  12. I have one redmi note 9S and it works fine and one Redmi Note 9 pro and it does not work.

  13. on my POCO M4 PRO (4G) the procedure seem to work, but in the end no "wifi calling" option appears in the settings menu

  14. My Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G won't accept the number * # * # 869434 # * # *, I press [call] and it displays 901. Has this number been changed?


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