VW: Inexpensive e-model should come from China

For 2023, Volkswagen is planning an inexpensive Polo-sized e-car in the range of just under EUR 20,000.00. So that this price can be achieved, production should not take place in Germany.

The small e-car, which will presumably appear as VW ID.2, will be manufactured in China, as you can now read. At the beginning the car is supposed to be imported from there to us in Germany.

It is currently being developed under the project name "Small BEV" (Battery Electric Vehicle) and is to be based on the MEB modular electric car. But there are problems with the adaptation to small cars, Seat should implement this, but has now taken a break.

But that already shows that the possible VW ID.2 could become a Sino-Spanish project. For this purpose, a cooperation with the Chinese partner JAC has been entered into.

The VW ID.2 will not be built in a European plant until 2025, but not in Germany. Here you have an eye again on Seat and its plant in Martorell. But Eastern Europe is also a possible production location.


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