VW ID.6 should come in 2023

As you can now read, the VW ID.6 should appear at the end of 2023. This will probably be based on the Volkswagen ID Vizzion. This could possibly be the successor to the VW Passat.

It is still questionable whether the car will really be called VW ID.6. But VW has already revealed the first details about the car. In any case, the range should convince.

The car should have a range of 700 km, according to Frank Welsch, head of research and development at the German car manufacturer. Thanks to the 84 kWh battery, this shouldn't be a problem, you should be able to charge it quickly with 200 kW.

The possible VW ID.6 should be on the MEB platform and be produced in the Emden plant. As I said, the model is a possible Passat successor.


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