VW ID.3: First models with finished software are delivered

Volkswagen has now started to deliver the first VW ID.3 models with the finished software to customers. Now finally Apple CarPlay & Android Auto will also work.

When delivery of the VW ID.3 started in September, the software was not yet finished. The buyers therefore also had the choice of whether they wanted their car right away - but with the half-finished software - or whether they wanted to wait until it was finished.

So now the time has finally come. Actually, it shouldn't be ready until the beginning of January 2021, as could be read from the last communication from Wolfsburg. All models that have now been delivered will therefore have the new software on board.

All those who already have their VW ID.3 should then get an update to the final software from their VW dealer in the 1st quarter of 2020. With a bit of luck, you could get it when the dealer has the time.

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