USA want to smash Facebook!

The time of games seems over! Facebook should go to the collar! 48 US states and the FTC have now sued Facebook. It's about WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook took over Instagram in 2012, followed by WhatsApp in 2014. For the USA, these were anti-competitive takeovers. It is alleged that Facebook bought the services in order to minimize the threat to the two companies going to themselves. It was even accepted that this would damage healthy competition.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has now even asked Facebook to reverse the takeovers. WhatsApp and Instagram are to be spun off and become independent companies again.

Facebook could be doomed by the fact that internal mails from Mark Zuckerberg surfaced, in which it can be read that when buying Instagram you like to "neutralize a competitor and at the same time improve Facebook".

It is also criticized that after Facebook took over WhatsApp and Instagram, data protection in particular suffered. Exciting thing, Google is also fighting against a breakup in the USA. Let's see what the cartel guards will do there.

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