This is what the new MIUI animation looks like when we turn on our Xiaomi

MIUI 12.5 will not only bring improvements in the autonomy and performance of our Xiaomi . In addition, it will also update the start animation of our smartphones that we will see every time we turn it on.

More than a small update, MIUI 12.5 can be considered as a new big update . A preview of what we expect to see in MIUI 13 , updating a large number of applications and adding a variety of new features.

Among these novelties we find the new MIUI power-on animation , a new effect that we will see every time we turn on or restart our smartphone and that also has a new sound effect.

As can be seen in the video, courtesy of the MIUI channel that we undoubtedly recommend you follow, the power-on animation takes a transparent effect on the MIUI letters , adding a totally new sound that will characterize all Xiaomi smartphones.

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This new animation will arrive as each device is updated to MIUI 12.5 , that is, we still have a lot to see. Let's not forget that the first stable version will not arrive until April 2021, first to the China ROM and then to the Global one.

Source | MIUIes (Telegram)

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