This is how the heart rate sensor that integrates the Xiaomi Mi 11 on its screen works

Beyond its powerful Snapdragon 888 or its leather finishes, the Xiaomi Mi 11 hides more surprises than we could see with the naked eye. An example of this is the heart rate sensor that hides under its screen .

In itself, Xiaomi has added a fingerprint reader under the Xiaomi Mi 11 screen which in turn is capable of measuring our heart rate . A great innovation that comes at the same time from the hand of the fingerprint sensor manufacturer Goodix .

As we can see in the following video, the Xiaomi Mi 11 together with the Health or Mi Health application are capable of accurately measuring our heart rate in just a few seconds . A very interesting utility that gives fingerprint sensors a second use.

Although the Health application already allows us to control our heart rate using the camera of our Xiaomi, this new integration in the fingerprint sensor will make the measurement much more accurate .

Of course, this utility is only available, for now, for the Chinese market, since as many of you know, the Mi Health application is only available in Chinese and English languages , so the Global version of the Xiaomi Mi 11 could come without this novelty.

It will be necessary to see if in a few weeks, when the Xiaomi Mi 11 is presented in the global market, this utility ends up also reaching our countries or if, as happened with the Dual SIM support of the Xiaomi Mi 10 , it is also capped by Xiaomi.

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