The Xiaomi Mi Watch is updated with 5 new functionalities

The Xiaomi Mi Watch has become one of the most anticipated products in the global market. Its great quality / price ratio makes it one of the most recommended WearOS on the market , which receives a lot of pampering from Xiaomi.

And, although it is only sold in China, Xiaomi has once again updated its star smartwatch with up to five new features, as well as the correction of several known errors.

In itself, among the new features that have reached the Xiaomi Mi Watch we find:

  • Possibility of monitoring naps during the day.
  • Abnormal heart rate reminder and notice.
  • Noise detection.
  • Smart night energy saving mode.
  • New spheres of all kinds.

In addition, this new update for the Xiaomi Mi Watch we find the optimization of the lock screen and theater mode , reduction of pairing time and optimization in data synchronization .

El Xiaomi Mi Watch se actualiza con 5 nuevas funcionalidades. Noticias Xiaomi A

In addition, Xiaomi has also improved swimming monitoring , added new weather warnings and fixed various problems related to the sensitivity of its crown .

In short, one more sample of what Xiaomi looks like with its most important smartwatch. I hope that at some point it ends up reaching the global market or that at least its next generation does, since to date we only have this reduced version of the Xiaomi Mi Watch .

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