The Xiaomi eBook Pro e-book reader was launched in China for 1,099 yuan

Xiaomi officially unveiled its latest product, the eBook Pro reader, yesterday. This device is now ready for pre-purchase and its price is 1099 yuan. At the time of sale, the price reaches 1,299 yuan ($ 198).

As the name suggests, this device is an advanced version of Xiaomi eBook that was launched in November last year. The new model comes with a larger 7.8-inch electronic ink display compared to the original 6-inch panel.

The new screen has a resolution of 1872 by 1404 pixels and a pixel density of 300PPI. This device has 24 different levels for page adjustment; From cold light to warm light. In addition, it supports several library import methods, including Baidu Netdisk, WLAN Transfer, and more.

Inside the Xiaomi eBook Pro is a high-performance, low-power quad-core processor. This device has a built-in hardware EPDC controller for smoother screen performance. The company also adds that users can quickly find what they are looking for by typing or by voice commands.

Xiaomi says that the dimensions of this tablet are closer to A5 paper and it is a portable and light device, it is only 7 mm thick and weighs 251 grams.
According to Xiaomi, the device can hold a full charge for up to 70 days.

The Xiaomi eBook Pro e-book reader was priced at 1,099 yuan in China, first available at the Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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