The latest leak of the Xiaomi Mi 11 reveals a feature that you will not like

All expectations are set on the next Xiaomi Mi 11 . A high-end terminal that apparently is just around the corner, but according to a large part of the rumors as well as its latest leak , it will not have one of the most anticipated advances .

Although, we have all come to think that Xiaomi's next flagship would be the first to integrate an under-screen selfie camera, the truth is that most of the rumors we have about the Xiaomi Mi 11 claim otherwise .

To all this is added a new leak of the supposed front glass of the Xiaomi Mi 11 , whose upper left corner shows a small colored area, a sign that there will be a perforated-type selfie camera on the screen .

As reported by the renowned ICE Universe , the photographs that we have seen so far of the Xiaomi Mi 11 without a selfie camera turn out to be totally false . That is why the only probably real image that has been filtered from the front of this terminal is the one we see on these lines.

The filtered front of the Xiaomi Mi 11 adds a feature that you will not like. News Xiaomi

Supposed front glass of the Xiaomi Mi 11.

Unfortunately, everything indicates that the Xiaomi Mi 11 will not be the first Xiaomi smartphone to incorporate an under-screen selfie camera. Still, hopes are still pinned on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro or even the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 .

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