The best cases for the POCO M3: debut your Xiaomi in the best way

The first units of the new POCO M3 have already begun to be shipped and although it includes a protective cover, we always recommend buying a higher quality one in order to protect the terminal from drops and bumps.

Although Xiaomi's POCO M3 is an extremely inexpensive terminal, this does not imply that we should not protect it . A good protective cover will make it last longer and we will not have to change mobile phones for a few years.

In the face of this and until the Spigen case for the POCO 3 is released, then we bring you what we consider the two best cases for the POCO M3. On the one hand we have the classic XUNDD specially designed for falls and the Nillkin CamShield .

The best cases for the Xiaomi POCO M3

Mejor funda protectora para el Xiaomi POCO M3. Noticias Xiaomi A

XUNDD case for the POCO M3.

The first of these, the XUNDD , allows the POCO M3 to be largely protected from falls and shocks at high altitude . Its reinforced corners along with its front edge that makes the screen never in direct contact with the ground make it the best current option for the POCO M3. We can buy it on AliExpress .

Mejor funda protectora para el Xiaomi POCO M3. Noticias Xiaomi A

Nillkin CamShield Case for the POCO M3.

For its part, the Nillkin CamShield is the best case for the POCO M3 if you are concerned about the protection of your cameras . Thanks to its sliding cover we can protect your set of photographic sensors when we are not using them. We can currently buy it on AliExpress .

In short, two of the best protective cases that we can currently buy for the POCO M3, which in addition to protecting the terminal, do so at a very interesting price.

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  2. Is the Nillkin case not shockproof? I also have Poco M3 and I just got a Nillkin case as well. I am also very prone to dropping my phone so I'm trying to find information if I should get another case or if my Nillkin case will do.

    I hope you can respond to this. Thank you!


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