The best Amazfit and Zepp watches to give away and get fit in 2021

There is very little left for one of the most important dates on the calendar, Christmas. The time of new beginnings and resolutions par excellence for the new year, and one of the most common is the eternal promise to start practicing sports and take better care of yourself .

To help with the choice of gifts for friends and family, Huami has prepared a selection of products for all tastes that will help you surprise and hit the spot with your gift . Here are six devices that will help even the most sedentary to get up and running and finally fulfill their purpose by 2021:

Zepp E, a smart watch of the most elegant

For fans of the latest trends looking for elegance and practicality, the Zepp E is the perfect Huami watch, both in its round and square format. A premium design smartwatch that with only one design will captivate anyone.

Los mejores relojes Amazfit y Zepp a regalar para ponerse en forma en 2021. Notiias Xiaomi A

Zepp E (square and round)

The Zepp E stands out for a number of functions that allow users to better monitor their well-being, including stress monitoring, and control of sleep and blood oxygen saturation . In addition, it has 11 integrated sports modes , and is capable of diving up to 5 ATM.

Available in five colors on the Zepp website .

Amazfit Z, the premium smartwatch

Los mejores relojes Amazfit y Zepp a regalar para ponerse en forma en 2021. Notiias Xiaomi A

Zepp Z.

For those opting for a more classic style, the new Zepp Z seamlessly combines traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials to create a stylish premium smartwatch .

Made from a single piece of polished titanium alloy, Zepp Z is incredibly lightweight and exceptionally strong, and its NTC nanotechnology coating makes it scratch resistant . Zepp's future-focused technological innovation, allows its battery to last more than 15 days, can track and analyze health markers 24 hours a day and all activities related to fitness.

In addition, like other watches of the brand, it also monitors sleep and stress levels. Find it on the ZEPP website.

Amazfit Neo, retro nostalgia with smart functions

The most vintage of our era will not be able to resist the Amazfit Neo, which has a retro-digital design with a modern style. The square display with rounded corners and four buttons highlights the classic style of the Amazfit Neo.

Los mejores relojes Amazfit y Zepp a regalar para ponerse en forma en 2021. Noticas Xiaomi A

Amazfit Neo.

An ideal model for those looking for a fashionable smartwatch that complements their individual style while providing valuable information on the user's health and fitness . In addition, it is available in three colors, black, green and red.

You can find it in MediaMarkt at the best price.

Amazfit Band 5, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 improved with Alexa and other news

Xiaomi y Huami seguirán trabajando juntos a pesar de haberse convertido en rivales. Noticias Xiaomi A

Amazfit Band 5.

For the healthiest , Amazfit has the Band 5 activity bracelet that aims to help users, between 18 and 50 years old, to move more intelligently and live in a healthier way , targeting especially people who take care of their health and lead an active life.

Amazfit Band 5 only weighs 12g without the strap and its battery lasts more than 15 days . It includes a skin-friendly TPU strap in three colors and supports 11 sports modes, even allowing swimming thanks to its 5 ATM water resistance.

You can find it at the best price and in its three colors available on Amazon .

Amazfit Bip U, cheap but complete

For those looking to stay active on a daily basis, the Amazfit BIP U will be the reason for their motivation with more than 9 days of battery life. With its BioTrack 2 sensor, it is capable of monitoring heart rate, but also blood oxygen level, sleep and more than 60 types of sports (including swimming).

Los mejores relojes Amazfit y Zepp a regalar para ponerse en forma en 2021. Noticas Xiaomi A

In addition, it is designed for day-to-day comfort as it only weighs 31 grams . To all this is added its high precision GPS , making a precise calculation of our routes by bike or running.

Get yours at El Corte Inglés !

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