Samsung updates Bixby with new features

Samsung's smart assistant Bixby is still alive and well! The Korean manufacturer has not given up its virtual AI helper and is releasing a major update for Bixby that offers user-requested functions and a simplified interface.

In an official blog post, Samsung announced the changes that the new Bixby will bring. The biggest change is obviously the design and user interface - Samsung is looking to bring Bixby closer to One UI in terms of look and feel.

"The Bixby Voice app will now change based on the display mode of the phone. Simple horizontal and vertical scrolling also brings a host of new commands within reach, while performance improvements help make users' commands execute faster. Improved readability along with the addition of light and dark themes ".


Users will also be able to use Bixby with fewer interruptions - the virtual assistant doesn't take up the whole screen when watching videos or browsing. Samsung has moved the interface to the lower part of the screen, where you can execute the commands without closing a running application like a map or a game.

Bixby is getting smarter too - Samsung says the update will bring tailored suggestions for voice commands based on usage patterns and other devices registered with Bixby. Users will also be able to see popular voice commands that are trending among other Galaxy users. Finally, Bixby is now also supported by Samsung Dex, which means you can use the assistant on much larger screens.

One can update Bixby on the Samsung device by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Bixby home screen. Press the Bixby button or the side button on your phone, then swipe up to open the Bixby assistant home screen. ...
  • Find the Bixby Settings. Tap Menu (the three horizontal lines) and then the Settings icon.
  • Update Bixby. Scroll down, tap About Bixby Voice, then tap Update.


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