Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Android 11 update won t come for a few months

Allegedly, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Android 11 update will only appear in a few months. This is what Samsung is said to have now confirmed.

Only a few days ago it was said that the update for the Fan Edition should come earlier than expected . However, there now seems to be no question of that. In any case, this emerges from the official One UI 3.0 roadmap, which is distributed in Germany via the Samsung Members App.

Next, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, the Galaxy Note 10 series and the Galaxy S10 series, including the Galaxy S10 Lite, will be updated to One UI 3.0. There is nothing to be seen of a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

It can be assumed that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE will not receive the update to Android 11 before February 2021. At least that's how it can be seen in the current roadmap.

Samsung Android 11-Roadmap Deutschland
Source: SamMobile


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