Remove objects or people from a photo from Xiaomi s own editor

The MIUI 12 gallery has become a very complete tool. Beyond viewing our images and videos, this Xiaomi application also offers us the possibility of editing them to such an extent that it even allows us to remove objects or people from a photograph .

Among the various options that we find in the MIUI Gallery editor is the " Delete " option. This, making use of artificial intelligence and taking into account the colors and texture of our image, allows us to eliminate that object or person that has "slipped" into our photograph .

Without a doubt, an extremely simple, but above all fast way to edit our images to make them much more professional . Without further ado, below we explain how to do it.

Remove objects, people and other elements from a photo with the Xiaomi editor

Remove objects or people from a photo from Xiaomi's own editor. News Xiaomi

To remove objects, people or any other element from a photograph using the Xiaomi editor included in the MIUI Gallery, we just have to carry out the following steps:

  1. First we will go to the Gallery and open the image to edit.
  2. Then we click on the edit button and look for the option «Delete».
  3. After that, it will be enough to paint or overlay the object, person or other element to be eliminated for the editor to do so.

It should be noted that the most recommended is to make soft shading , precisely on the object to be removed. In addition, the Xiaomi editor lets us choose whether it is a line object that we want to eliminate, being convenient that the element to be eliminated is on a plain background or with few details.

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