POCO Community is now official for everyone: the exclusive forum for the Xiaomi sub-brand

Like Xiaomi has Mi Community, POCO has decided to launch its own official community by launching POCO Community . A forum, totally dedicated to the firm's terminals, which is now available to everyone.

In detail, after its existence only aimed at the Indian market, POCI Community becomes official as a forum exclusively aimed at the POCO terminals that we know in the global market, that is, the POCO F1, POCO F2 Pro, POCO X3 NFC and POCO M3 .

Of course, this community is currently only available in English, although the forecasts and great reception of this Xiaomi subsidiary suggest that the platform will soon expand and support more languages.

If we access POCO Community we can see that the Web is divided in two; an area where news, tutorials and other informative material will be published and a section called " Circle " corresponding to what we commonly know as a forum.

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In short, great news that will make the community around the POCO brand grow beyond India . This together with the great quality / price and support that their smartphones are offering will make it even more attractive.

The POCO Community entry is now official for everyone: the exclusive forum for the Xiaomi sub-brand was first published on xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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