Pixel: Google is looking for the perfect sound for its smartphones

Last year, Google introduced the "Pixel Feature Drops" - a special update plan that provides new functions for Pixel phones.

Four of these "drops" have already found their way onto Pixel devices, and now the fifth has been discovered. It's all about the sound. The Adaptive Sounds feature is likely to arrive on the Pixel 5 next Monday as part of the monthly security updates.

But what is adaptive sounds? Some of you will have noticed that there is a function of the same name in the Pixel Buds headphones. It automatically adjusts the volume level based on the sounds around you. However, it appears that the Adaptive Sound feature will be a little different on the Pixel phones. Google wants to improve the overall sound quality by playing around with your phone's equalizer settings.

Pixel Adaptive Sound
Source: Google

For example, if you're in the bathroom, the Pixel will adjust the equalizer to suppress echoes and reverberation from the tiles on the wall. When you cook in the kitchen, the Adaptive Sound System will raise certain frequencies to make the sound better.

Pixel 5 Adaptive Sound
Source: Google

There is still no official information about when this "Pixel Feature Drop" will occur and which models will be supported. However, if Adaptive Sound is rolled out next Monday, the Pixel 5 should be the first device to receive it. It could then also be available on the Pixel 4a 5G.

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