Now the Xiaomi Health application allows you to monitor jump rope (Download)

A few weeks ago, the Xiaomi Health application was updated by adding various sports recognition modes. Now, a few days later, Xiaomi adds the "Jump rope" mode allowing us to monitor our exercise.

In detail, this new update comes through version V2.11.6 of the Health application. In it we find a new "Jump rope" mode capable of detecting how many jumps we have made , as well as other data.

To do this, Xiaomi has incorporated a fairly reliable system as we have been able to verify, through the recognition of the sound of the rope . To do this, we will have to place our smartphone no more than one meter away from us and it will detect each jump we take.

Ahora la aplicación Salud de Xiaomi permite monitorizar salto de comba (Descarga). Noticias Xiaomi A

As we can see in the screenshots, this new mode shows us the number of jumps , the time we have been jumping and the calories burned . In addition, if we program different cycles, it will help us to perform different jumping sessions with rest time.

And the truth is that the result seems pretty good. After testing it several times, the number of jumps exactly matches the jumps or rope turns given. In addition, Xiaomi allows us to upload the recording in order to improve this new and interesting functionality.

To download it you can do it from our Telegram Channel where you will also find news about Xiaomi of all kinds.

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