Not everything is Xiaomi EU: other ROMs that are also based on MIUI

Within what we know as Custom ROMs , the Xiaomi EU is probably one of the best known for Xiaomi devices. Still, not everything is in this ROM, there are also others that are also based on MIUI .

Beyond what many people think, there are currently all kinds of ROMs based on the latest MIUI 12 update that we can install on a wide variety of smartphones. MIUIMix or Mi-Globe are just some of these.

In view of this, we have then compiled several of the most important Custom ROMs of the moment, which like Xiaomi.EU are also based on MIUI . All of them are currently supported and available for several of the latest devices released by Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO.

1. MIUIMix, an alternative to Xiaomi.EU but cleaner

Mejores Custom ROM basadas en MIUI para smartphones Xiaomi, Redmi y POCO. Noticias Xiaomi A

Developed by the MMX Team, MIUIMix is ​​considered as the second most famous Custom ROM based on MIUI. This has the same philosophy as the Xiaomi EU, but it is an evolution of it with better consumption and a cleaner integration.

To download it, you can do it from the official Telegram group where you will find the latest versions for terminals such as the POCO X3 NFC, the Redmi Note 8 or the Xiaomi Mi 10.

2. My-Globe, customize your own ROM

Another alternative to the Xiaomi EU is the Mi-Globe. This curious Custom ROM is also based on MIUI but, on the contrary, it includes several fully customized modules. And it is that, without going any further, from its website we can customize and create our own ROM .

Mejores Custom ROM basadas en MIUI para smartphones Xiaomi, Redmi y POCO. Noticias Xiaomi A

In itself, Mi-Globe allows us to customize up to 20 different modifications . As a fundamental feature, this Custom ROM o optimizes the use of RAM memory , eliminates bloatware and also adds a more practical clock .

3. Elite ROM, the best of the MIUI system with touches of OxygenOS

Best MIUI-based Custom ROMs for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones. News Xiaomi

Elite ROM is another of those custom ROMs that based on MIUI adds certain features to the OnePlus system . Its development is carried out by Hassanmirza01 and its various ROMs can be found in XDA-Developers like this one for the POCO X3 NFC.

Elite ROM is specially directed to POCO terminals such as the POCOPHONE F1 , although it is also available for other devices such as the Xiaomi Mi A2 .

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