Install a VPN on our Xiaomi? Advantages and which is the best

In recent years VPNs seem to have become fashionable. And no wonder, the evolution of technology and internet connection has made the advantages of a VPN more attractive than ever.

In itself, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is nothing more than a connection technology that allows us to create a virtual network between several devices that are in different networks . All this is done through a public network, that is, through the Internet.

For practical purposes and beyond the business concept, having a VPN service on our Xiaomi allows us to strengthen our connection even if we are not on a public WiFi network. It also allows us to bypass geoblocks and avoid certain censorship such as that imposed by Netflix for certain content in certain countries.

Advantages of using a VPN on our Xiaomi

¿Buscando una VPN para tu móvil Xiaomi? Qué es y cual es la mejor

To understand the advantages offered by using a VPN on our Xiaomi mobile, we must first understand how it works:

In general, when we connect our mobile or computer to a VPN service, our network traffic goes directly to the VPN server itself . This occurs in an encrypted way in what is known as a data tunnel , also ensuring that our provider does not know that we are requesting or that we are connecting since the data is encrypted.

After reaching the VPN server, it is this who makes the request directly to the Internet for us , either connecting to Facebook, any other website or service. The best thing is that this VPN server can be located in practically any corner of the world , so we could "fake" our location and therefore bypass geo-blocks.

¿Buscando una VPN para tu móvil Xiaomi? Qué es y cual es la mejor

In addition, thanks to the fact that our data travels over the internet to the VPN server in an encrypted way through the data tunnel, connecting to a public network will not pose any risk to our security. Even if our data is intercepted along the way, it will be encrypted and the attacker will not be able to know what it is.

With this, using a VPN in our Xiaomi has two great advantages that in turn are divided into three:

  • Extra layer of security : As our encrypted data travels, our security increases. Any internet request that we make will be done in an unreadable way.
    • Public WiFi networks become secure : As our encrypted data travels, connecting to a WiFi network is truly secure. Although sniffing techniques are being carried out in it, our data will always be encrypted and therefore cannot be used.
  • Avoid geo-blocks : Thanks to the fact that the vast majority of VPN services allow us to select the country where their servers are located, using a VPN on our Xiaomi allows us to bypass geo-blocks. Our connection, for example to Netflix or any other website, will be made on behalf of the VPN server that is located in a country other than ours.

The best VPN service we can currently hire

Unless it is a clearly recognized VPN service, from XIAOMIADICTOS we do not recommend the use of free services . These, many times are free because we have our data, although our connection is encrypted, the server does have the private key to decrypt said information.


That is why if you want to use a VPN service, we highly recommend trying NordVPN . This has become the most recognized on the Internet, the safest and easiest to use. In addition, it has support for any platform , it is one of the fastest currently available and has an infinite number of geographical locations .

The best thing is that currently NordVPN offers us great discounts with plans that go from just over 3 euros per month , obtaining a 68% bonus and 3 months totally free.

Looking for a VPN for your Xiaomi mobile? What is and which is the best

Using a VPN with a server in the US allows us to access the extensive Netflix content aimed at the North American public.

From its website you can read all the information about it, its advantages and VPN plans . Without a doubt, if you are looking for a serious, quality, safe and fast VPN service , NordVPN is one of the best we can find today.

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