HTC saw sales growth for the first time this year

Despite the smartphone comeback this summer, HTC had another terrible year. But in November 2020, the Taiwan-based brand miraculously experienced growth for the first time since late 2019.

HTC announced unaudited consolidated sales of NT $ 555 million for the month of November 2020. That's an increase of just under 1 percent from the NT $ 550 million reported in November 2019.

The revenue number isn't high enough to make November the best month of 2020 for HTC - that title belongs to September - but it's still an increase from October when the company had total revenues of just NT $ 430 million ($ 15, 2 million) reported.

For the full year 2020, HTC's total revenue is NT $ 5.191 billion, a massive 44.8 percent decrease from the NT $ 9.11 billion HTC reported at this point last year.

Looking ahead to 2021, HTC is expected to continue to focus on its expanding range of VR products. HTC may also bring more 5G smartphones onto the market.


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