How to show two clocks on the screen of your Xiaomi (Dual Clock)

After its debut in MIUI 10, Xiaomi's customization layer allows us to add two watches to the home and lock screen . This function is called " Dual Clock " and among other advantages, it allows us to always be informed of the time in another time zone or country.

In addition, the Dual Clock function that Xiaomi offers us also integrates with MIUI's Always on Display mode. Thanks to this we can visualize the two clocks with the terminal blocked , without consuming an excess of energy.

A utility without a doubt quite interesting, especially for all those who telework through a headquarters in another country, who have relatives abroad or who simply want to be informed of what time it is in another part of the planet.

How to activate the MIUI dual clock and show two clocks on your Xiaomi

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To activate the MIUI Dual Clock function and show two clocks on the screen of our Xiaomi , either in the home screen , lock or through the Always on Display, we will only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Additional settings> Date and time
  2. Once inside we will activate the " Dual Clock " option and then we will choose the time zone that we want to show.

In this way, we will have two watches in our Xiaomi with different time zones. This will also be shown on the home screen, lock screen and even in MIUI's Always on Display mode.

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  1. Dual Clock Display selected
    Second clock is not set to local time
    NO second clock displayed anywhere except in clock widget

    It appears you are missing a step or two

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  6. I am getting dual clock in the lock screen but not in home screen. Can you help?


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