How to join or combine videos from Xiaomi s own editor

With the arrival of platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, working with videos from our smartphone has become more than usual. In view of this, Xiaomi integrates a complete video editor in MIUI , which also allows us to join videos in a simple way.

So that we do not have to install third-party applications that take up space, Xiaomi has a complete video editor integrated into its own gallery . From this, among other editing options, we can join as many videos as we want.

In addition, this Xiaomi editor allows us to add transition effects between videos , achieving a quite striking effect, all from the MIUI gallery itself and as we said, without having to install a third-party application.

How to easily join two videos from the Xiaomi editor

To join two videos in a simple way from Xiaomi's own editor, we just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access the Gallery and click on the three upper options points. Como unir o combinar vídeos con el propio editor de Xiaomi. noticias Xiaomi A
  2. After that we will select the Video editor option and we will add the first video we want to work with.
  3. Next we will go to the "Editor" section and click on the "+" icon to add the second video that we want to add. Como unir o combinar vídeos con el propio editor de Xiaomi. noticias Xiaomi A
  4. After having imported the second video or as much as we want, from the «|» icon In the Editor section we can add transition effects between one video and the other.

In this simple way we can join as many videos as we want from our Xiaomi and without having to install any third-party application.

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