Germany in the corona trap: has politics already shot up its powder?

Suddenly everyone is talking about a new hard lockdown again! Is this really necessary? In the meantime yes, because the government and those responsible have rested on their successes for far too long!

It's slowly getting down to business. We have now reached 30,000 infections a day, almost 600 deaths are the last sad reports. Did it have to come to that? Not really, but if you see the lack of plan in politics in recent months, nothing else was to be expected.

While the 1st wave was brought under control relatively quickly in March and April with a hard lockdown, Germany now looks like the big loser of the pandemic.

After all, what could not have been improved since spring? You knew that a second wave would come in autumn, because when the flu and colds are at their peak, Corona will also have a much easier time.

The health authorities could have been increased, a GOOD Corona app could have been published, protection concepts for the elderly and the sick should have been put in place! But nothing came and one rested.

It's not even SAP or Telekom to blame for the Corona warning app, but what is probably the strictest data protection law in the world. This torpedoes the real purpose of the app, namely tracking! Because without seamless tracing, the app is for the ass, to say the least.

Couldn't that have just been loosened for it, in the interests of the health of the population !? Because those who screamed the loudest for data protection and felt persecuted were the ones who reveal every crap of themselves on Facebook, WhatsApp & Co.

It quickly became apparent that the health authorities would have problems with follow-up from September onwards. Why not increase the staff, even much earlier with the help of the Bundeswehr, THW etc.?

One felt too safe after the successes from spring. It was hoped that the vaccine might be ready sooner. But hope alone does not help with such a thing, praying in church did not stop the plague and cholera from dragging millions of people away!

And so since the beginning of November politics has only had the last resort - the lockdown! It doesn't matter whether it is "soft" or "hard". Because politics cannot go any further! Because that's your big problem! You have actually already exhausted everything that is legally possible. Because they themselves know that the population cannot be locked up in their apartments. Because this could never be controlled!

And so suffer the police, the health care workers, the nurses in the old people's homes and of course everyone who is now losing their livelihood because the politicians have failed to nail their heads from the spring!

And what should come next? Not much anymore, just creating more threatening scenarios will eventually fizzle out! So maybe politicians should have put themselves together properly and worked out a plan instead of constantly coming around the corner with new restrictions and bans. No wonder that the population is insecure and also angry!

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