Fuzzy positioning and blank pass, Xiaomi s latest in privacy for MIUI

With the arrival of MIUI 12, privacy has increased exponentially. Without a doubt, Xiaomi has done a great job protecting our personal information, more now with the arrival of " Fuzzy positioning " and " Blank pass ".

As announced by the company itself and the MIUI development team, two new technologies will soon arrive on our smartphones in order to further protect our privacy . This time it is about two mechanisms capable of masking or hiding our location , as well as our personal data.

For its part, the fuzzy positioning functionality will mask our real location so that we never give our exact position to any third-party application. Thanks to this, MIUI will provide approximate coordinates to all those applications that need to locate us.

Posicionamiento difuso y pase en blanco, lo último de Xiaomi en privacidad para MIUI. Noticias Xiaomi A

Xiaomi fuzzy positioning for MIUI.

Likewise, go blank will try to prevent other applications from taking our personal data. In itself, this new functionality will provide fictitious data or simply a blank space to those applications that need or require our personal information in order to function.

Posicionamiento difuso y pase en blanco, lo último de Xiaomi en privacidad para MIUI. Noticias Xiaomi A

Blank pass functionality.

At the moment, these two new features for MIUI are only being tested in the MIUI 12 beta . That is why it will still take us to see them in the stable version and even more so in the European or Global ROM of MIUI.

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