Deutsche Welle confirms: 5G interferes with your satellite signal

As Deutsche Welle has now confirmed, there are problems with reception in some parts of the world. This is said to be due to 5G, which disrupts the transmitter's satellite signal.

New 5G applications disrupt the satellite signal in the C-band, which means that Deutsche Welle can no longer be received anywhere in the world without any problems.

Interference disrupts reception, as the station announced on the occasion of the federal government's budget for 2021:

"The expansion of 5G technology is being strongly promoted worldwide. This offers many new possibilities, but also presents us with enormous challenges, since the reception of our programs via so-called C-band satellites is increasingly disrupted in our target regions, especially in North, Central and South America ... In the near future we will also recorded frequency interference in Asia. We therefore urgently need to act and invest in a 5G-secure distribution infrastructure. We are focusing on other satellites and increasingly on IP and cloud technologies. "

Guido Baumhauer, Managing Director of Distribution, Marketing and Technology Deutsche Welle

In Europe there should be no problem with 5G interference, as the mutual interference of 5G in the C-band is well regulated by the FSL coexistence (Fixed Satellite Links).


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