Current case numbers: This is how you get the latest COVID-19 information on the home screen

The new app Case Numbers Current - Incidence & more from DE brings you all the current COVID-19 information on the home screen of your Android smartphone. Widgets show you all relevant information.

There are various widget sizes and variants available for this purpose - choose the one that best suits your home screen. And there you have a lot to choose from.

You can (depending on the widget) display the 7-day incidence, number of cases (per 100,000 inhabitants) and number of deceased for all counties / districts or federal states.

The data is automatically updated daily and comes from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). And that's not all, as the developer Michael Kokoschka announces, other functions will follow soon. The app is still being tinkered with.

Of course, the app cannot and should not replace the corona warning app, which takes a completely different approach. If you also want to stay up to date on current regional restrictions, since the app Can I do that? recommended.

Current case numbers - Incidence & more from DE (Free, Google Play) →

Corona warning app (free, Google Play) →

Am I allowed to do that? (Free, Google Play) →

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