Corona warning app should soon be available in the F-Droid Store

The corona warning app could soon also be available in alternative app stores such as F-Droid. Because now it has been possible to recreate the client libraries so that the app also works without Google services.

The Corona Warning App is classified as open source, but that's not really true either. Because not all parts of the app can be accessed. The "Exposure API" from Google and Apple is used to ensure that the app works smoothly. And they're not open source.

However, the developer Martin Wißfeld has now recreated the client libraries for the Corona Warning app, which means that the Google API is no longer necessary. So it would finally be possible that you don't just have to download the app from the Play Store.

Thanks to microG, the app works without the Google services. And now F-Droid comes into play.

Their community has built a fork of the Corona warning app and created a functional, fully open source app from it. This is currently being tested internally, but in the next few days it will be available for download free of charge from the F-Droid Store.

Corona warning app (free, Google Play) →

Corona warning app (free, App Store) →

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