Chrome OS 87: New tab changes, Bluetooth battery status & wallpapers

Google Chrome OS 87 is finally available and brings a whole range of new features and improvements.

Chrome OS is supposed to be rolled out a few days ago, but there were a few small problems and a few days delay in the rollout. But now it rolls and spices up the operating system again.

One of the most striking innovations is the new tab change, which will be available exclusively in Chrome OS 87 for the next few weeks. The dropdown menu to the right of the tab bar is now new. There you will find a list of all active tabs.

Now the battery level of the respective devices is also displayed when Bluetooth devices are connected to the Chromebook and there are also 35 new background images.

More Chrome Os 87 features:

  • Saving to Google Drive has been updated with the ability to rename the file and selecting what folder to store it in
    Chrome OS devices now support switch accessibility devices
  • Google has updated language settings to be easier for multilingual users to navigate
  • The Alt + Tab window switcher now supports mouse, touch screen, and stylus input
  • Version 87 makes visual improvements when renaming Virtual Desks and Launcher folders


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