Bugatti Veyron vs. 3 performance Teslas

Bugatti Veyron with 1,001 PS against three current Tesla performance models. Who will be faster A new video should provide information on whether a sophisticated combustion engine can hold its own against three of the fastest electric cars.

The Bugatti Veyron has a 16-cylinder with fourfold turbocharging and 1,001 hp on board. The car was available to buy from 2005 at a proud price of 2 million euros.

In contrast, the latest Tesla Model X P100D, the Tesla Model S Performance with the latest software and the quick start function Cheetah Mode and the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

After several attempts on the quarter mile, it is clear which of the 4 cars is the fastest. But see for yourself:

The contribution Bugatti Veyron vs. 3 Performance Teslas first appeared on Xiaomist .


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