Bliss OS makes it possible: Use Android on every PC

Android is installed on most smartphones worldwide. But not only reserved for this if you deal a little more closely with the matter. If you don't want to switch to a Cromebook with Chrome OS, you can use Android in its pure form on any PC.

Bliss OS is certainly one of the most famous systems for this. This gives you the opportunity to run Android on any PC. It doesn't even have to be installed to test it, a bootable USB stick with Bliss OS on it is enough.

What Google doesn't want or can't do itself, others do. They bring Android to PC too. Bliss OS will soon be available in version 14, then even with Android 11 as the substructure. You can then continue to use Magisk and the Google Play Store.

The current Bliss OS version 14 is not yet available for download. But that shouldn't take too long. So if you simply have an old laptop or PC to test, you can download and test Bliss OS.

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