Black Shark launches new mobile accessories

Xiaomi Black Shark has launched a number of new accessories for mobile phones. These accessories include a charger, charging cables for iPhone and Android phones, and additional buttons for mobile games.

Black Shark 30W Dual Port Charger

The new Black Shark charger has two ports; USB-C port, USB-A port and folding plug. Its maximum power is 30 watts, but we do not know what output each port has because there are no official published specifications of the product yet. It also costs 79 yuan ($ 12).

Black Shark mobile game detachable buttons

Black Shark has also introduced a pair of detachable button clips for mobile games. These buttons are located as additional buttons on the top of your phone. Each clip has two buttons and costs 39 yuan ($ 6), so if you want both sides of your phone you have to pay 78 yuan ($ 12).

Black Shark Type-C Data Cable

If you need a USB-C data cable, the Black Shark has a new cable priced at 59 yuan ($ 9). This cable has a USB-C interface at one end and a USB-A interface at the other.

Lightning fast charge data cable and Black Shark lightning data cable

Black Shark has also launched two new cables for iPhones. One is priced at 59 yuan ($ 9) while the other, which supports fast charging, is 69 yuan ($ 10.5). For both, there is a USB-A head at one end and a Lightning head at the other end.

These products are now available for pre-order and will go on sale January 10 at 10:00.

Black Shark launches new mobile accessories for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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