Amazon Prime Video: Series and film highlights for the weekend and week 50/2020

Amazon Prime Video has spiced up its program for the weekend with new films and series. Many new films and series will be on offer this weekend and the coming week.

Actually there should be something for everyone again, comedy, horror, action, everything your heart desires. Just take a look. And if not, the weather should be really nice. Then you can just go out into the sun.

All new films on Amazon

  • Welcome to Marwen
  • Dredd
  • Bridge of Spies - The Negotiator - from December 5th
  • Indeed ... love - from December 5th
  • Donnie Darko
  • Revenge
  • Turkish for Beginners - The Film - from December 6th
  • Super 8
  • Bridget Jones - On the verge of madness - from December 5th
  • Room 1408
  • Big Stan
  • Sound of metal
  • Zulu - The Battle of Rorkes Drift
  • The Other Side of Heaven
  • Conan the barbarian
  • God is not dead - a light in the dark
  • The Pack
  • Schizoid
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady
  • The Stone Family - Getting engaged!
  • Battle Star Wars - The Star Warriors
  • Aliens vs. Titanic (2017)
  • 6-Headed Shark Attack
  • Sharktopus vs. Whale wolf
  • 3-Headed Shark Attack (2015)
  • Avengers Grimm
  • Killer sofa
  • Sharknado - The normal madness
  • Airplane Apocalypse New York (2006)
  • The dead cast no shadows
  • Arriva Garringo
  • Two Wild Companeros (1971)
  • Rapunzel's curse
  • Primitive (2006)
  • The Adventures of Aladdin
  • The Curse of the Riding Corpses (2019)
  • Caprona - The Forgotten Land (1974)
  • The Crying Dead (2011)
  • Robert 4 - The Revenge of the Devil Doll
  • Alien vs. Hunter
  • Witches' Night
  • Seven - The super professionals
  • clown
  • Don't go in the Woods - It's waiting for you!
  • The Jurassic Dead
  • End of the World - danger from space
  • Django: Shoot Me a Song of Die (1970)
  • American Zombie Land (2020)
  • D-Railed - Train ride to Hell
  • Girls Club 2 - be careful!
  • Minutes to Midnight - Pray They Don't Stop By (2018)
  • Super cyclone

All new series on Amazon

  • Parody series: Binge Reloaded - Season 1

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