Aldi Talk: 15 GB of data volume for free - and that s how you get it

Aldi Talk is celebrating its birthday and you have the opportunity to get 15 GB of data for free. You can now find out what you have to do here.

15 GB of data volume including LTE are available to both new and existing customers who have booked a tariff option with data volume included.

All you have to do is click on "Options" in the official Aldi Talk app and then you should be able to see the current offer.

Unfortunately, the data volume cannot be used indefinitely, it has an expiry date. This is January 6, 2021. Not only does the promotion end on this day, but the data volume also expires.

Always a nice gift at the turn of the year with the holidays. Telekom was even more generous and today they gave away 100 GB of free data volume .

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