Again the rumors place the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11 throughout this month

Although Xiaomi has us used to knowing the renewal of its high-end in the months of January or February, this year the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11 could be much earlier than expected .

And it is that, again the next Xiaomi flagship is once again the protagonist of the rumors that come to us from China. According to various media, its launch could be just around the corner, with its debut date being throughout this month of December .

This soon launch would be given by some kind of exclusivity with the Snapdragon 888 , being the Xiaomi Mi 11 the first to make use of this latest Qualcomm processor in a unique way, for at least a month.

Not just rumors ... the Xiaomi Mi 11 is already certified in Europe and Russia

To all this is added a new certification of the supposed Xiaomi Mi 11 in Europe and Russia. Under the model number M2011K2G it has been seen in the European Economic Community on several occasions, in turn confirming its imminent arrival in our markets.

Los rumores en torno al inminente lanzamiento del Xiaomi Mi 11 son cada vez más frecuentes. Noticias Xiaomi A

One of the latest certifications of the supposed Xiaomi Mi 11.

That if, for the moment its characteristics remain a mystery. At the moment only its processor has been confirmed, although it would not be surprising if the rumors surrounding its spectacular camera were most true .

What is clear is that Xiaomi's new flagship is just around the corner . If it does not appear throughout this month of December, almost certainly, it is most likely that throughout the next month of January it will be when we see its debut.

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