Adaptive charging on the Pixel 5 will likely become part of Android 12

New features that have now been introduced to Google Pixel phones include Adaptive Charging, a smarter way to charge the battery.

This is to prevent the battery from being unnecessarily stressed in the future and this should lead to a longer service life of the battery. It is precisely the effects of fast charging on long-term battery life that should be reduced.

Now it looks like the feature could make its way into Android 12. Thanks to intelligent charging software such as Adaptive Charging, Android 12 could then ensure that the time that the battery spends in the critical range of 80-100 percent is minimized.

As fast charging becomes more common and overall charging times keep getting shorter, there is a potentially harmful side effect, even beyond the heat dissipation that comes from charging at higher wattages.

If you quickly charge your smartphone overnight, your phone will heat up more to get to 100 percent faster (bad) and spend more time on 100 percent overnight (bad too).

The solution here is not slower all-round charging, but smarter charging.

Google's solution is simple. Most of us set an alarm. So why not just use that time to set a goal of when to hit 100 percent so that the time remaining at 100 percent when the battery is worn is reduced.

Cool idea, but what if you haven't set an alarm? Here too, Google should find a solution.


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