A new supposedly real image of the Xiaomi Mi 11 circulates on the network again

Again, the Xiaomi Mi 11 is once again the protagonist of the latest rumors through a latest leak that comes to us from China. On this occasion, a new image has begun to circulate on the network of what apparently could be the rear of the next Xiaomi flagship .

For some weeks now, rumors about the design lines that the Xiaomi Mi 11 will take have not stopped emerging. And, as with the Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro, this new high-end would integrate a quite peculiar set of cameras , characterized by the size of its main sensors.

As we can see in the following image, this leak shows us a primarily curious terminal, whose design closely resembles the render made a few days ago by Ben Geskin . A square-shaped distribution, locating two large sensors and a third, smaller sensor.

Una nueva imagen supuestamente real del Xiaomi Mi 11 vuelve a circular por la red. Noticias Xiaomi A

Allegedly leaked image of Xiaomi Mi 11 (Unconfirmed).

The rest of the image lets us see a back with an unfinished or perhaps transparent look . This could indicate, on the one hand, a low quality of construction and therefore be a false leak and on the other, it may be a prototype of the Xiaomi Mi 11 in order to carry out tests.

This is what the Xiaomi Mi 11 would look like if we take into account all the rumors. News Xiaomi

Unofficial rendering of the Xiaomi Mi 11.

What is clear is that the design lines that we knew a few weeks ago seem to be the most outstanding for the final appearance of the next Xiaomi Mi 11. Even so, we cannot confirm this until it is announced by the firm or until some certifying entity reveals its appearance to us.

For our part, we neither confirm nor deny the veracity of this new leak . We only show you the latest leak that circulates on the network and which major media are echoing it. Do you think the Xiaomi Mi 11 will be like this? Don't forget to leave your opinion in the comment box.


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