Xiaomi WiFi 6 router is priced at 299 yuan

Xiaomi and Unicom China today jointly launched the Xiaomi WiFi 6 CR6606 router. The price of this router is 299 yuan ($ 45).

The Xiaomi WiFi 6 CR6606 router is equipped with an 880MHz quad-core dual-core processor that can easily support data streams in GIGABYTE. It also comes with GIGABYTE dual-band Ethernet and WiFi ports with less network latency. This router uses a large 256 MB memory to ensure stable data transfer and can connect 128 devices stably without pressure.

Xiaomi's CR6606 router uses a new generation of Wi-Fi 6 technology with simultaneous dual-band wireless rates of up to 1775 Mbps, which is 52% more than the original AC1200 routers. This router uses a mega network port to take full advantage of the mega bandwidth. It also supports efficient OFDMA transmission, reduces network congestion, and enables easier Internet access across multiple devices. This router is equipped with four 5dBi multi-directional external antennas with a suitable structural layer. This device supports the LDPC error correction algorithm and significantly increases the anti-interference and signal coverage capability when transmitting data.

Xiaomi CR6606 router supports 5 GHz mesh network and WiFi, and you can even use a network cable to connect it. The theoretical rate of this wireless network is up to 1201 Mbps, and several routers can form a combined network of stars, chains, or wires and wireless. If there is a change in the channel network routing equipment, the network can be actively synchronized to ensure a stable Internet experience. At the same time, it supports Xiaomi's convenient connectivity function, and smart devices can easily access the network with the click of a button.

Xiaomi WiFi 6 CR6606 router is currently sold through China Unicom in China.

Xiaomi WiFi 6 router priced at 299 yuan was first launched at the Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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