Xiaomi Wear app 2.0 update brings several new features for Android phones

Xiaomi has officially released the new Wear 2.0 app. This update has a new avatar to show your status instantly. Also, the app now allows users to start exercising independently in the app anytime, anywhere. In addition, with professional data management, viewing instant fitness information on the home page, etc. is provided. This update is only available for Android users, and Xiaomi is expected to release it for iOS soon.

In this version, the home page is named as the status page, and steps, calories, exercise and sleep records can be viewed immediately on this page. In addition, it has added a new data source switching function that makes it easy to view data from multiple devices.

Also, without connecting the device, you can start the exercise program directly. This feature supports the following exercises; Outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking and outdoor cycling.

Wear 2.0 also gets a new health page to display small habits, health programs and training courses to help you stay healthy and monitor your activity with one click. Also, this program now contains more information about health.

When paired, it can automatically read the exercise heart rate for Mi band 5 and Band 5 NFC. This feature is still under development for other devices.

In addition, with the new update, users who have multiple devices can use the program more easily. It also has a personal information manager that can be updated independently.

Xiaomi Wear app 2.0 update brings several new features for Android phones for the first time in Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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