Xiaomi s latest idea is a folding smartphone with retractable technology

In the search for the perfect smartphone, Xiaomi does not stop to re-register new patents . An example of this is the new concept of mobile device that the firm has designed, which combines a folding screen with a retractable camera .

According to LetsGoDigital , Xiaomi has registered a new smartphone patent that under the name of " Foldable Smartphone Wtih POP-UP Camera ", combines the most modern design lines that we find in folding smartphones, with the well-known retractable camera.

As we can see in the following images, the result of sketches registered by Xiaomi, this new concept of smartphone adds a flexible screen , with quite reduced frames thanks to the fact that there is no type of selfie camera on its front.

La última idea de Xiaomi es un smartphone plegable con cámara retráctil. Noticias Xiaomi A

To do this, it makes use of a POCO F2 Pro- style retractable camera that can be displayed both in the "tablet format" and in the "mobile format" of this curious smartphone that could one day see the light of day.

Xiaomi's latest idea is a folding smartphone with a retractable camera. News Xiaomi

Beyond that, this new Xiaomi idea seems to be just a concept that we may never end up seeing. What is clear is that Xiaomi's first folding smartphone is just around the corner , thus demonstrating its infinity of patents related to this type of smartphones.

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