Xiaomi renews its motion sensor adding new improvements

As soon as the week began, Xiaomi has presented its new Xiaomi Mi Human Sensor 2 or Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor 2 , a new generation of its famous infrared motion sensor that is now more accurate.

Made of high-quality , fire-resistant materials , this new motion sensor adds an improved infrared system and a polyolefin lens capable of absorbing light with great precision . Regardless of the light level, the new Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor 2 is capable of detecting the slightest movement.

For its operation, this new motion sensor that we can link to the different Xiaomi gateways uses a CR2450 battery. This, according to the company, offers the sensor an autonomy of up to one year .

Xiaomi Mi Human Sensor 2, now with light sensor

Like the previous model, the Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor 2 or Mi Human Sensor 2 can be used to detect movement and in turn activate other smart devices . In addition, it serves as the initiator of the recording of a video camera, an alarm or even Xiaomi smart bulbs.

Xiaomi renueva su sensor de movimiento mejorando su precisión y autonomía. Noticias Xiaomi A

As a great novelty, the new Xiaomi Mi human Sensor 2 adds a light sensor . This allows it to detect when it is day or night, thus activating other smart devices that we have at home such as smart bulbs.

In addition, this new sensor, like the previous one, allows it to be placed on any surface . Likewise, thanks to its rotating foot it can be positioned vertically, horizontally or inverted. Its detection angle is 140º and it is capable of detecting movement at a distance of up to 7 meters .

Its price is 49 yuan, about 6 euros to change and it will begin to be marketed in China from the next few days. Likewise, it is expected that we will see it for sale on AliExpress shortly.

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