Xiaomi Mi 11: Snapdragon 875, 108MP and curved screen would be some of its features

Although at the end of October we discovered the Xiaomi «Venus» as a mid-range terminal with 5G and curved screen, the truth that it is finally a terminal will be a high-end smartphone, being the Xiaomi Mi 11 itself .

This is how Deiki has discovered it, who after investigating with kacskrz , both prominent members of XDA-Developers, has discovered that this Xiaomi «Venus» will have a Snapdragon 875 thus becoming the next Xiaomi flagship.

In addition, this terminal will not only have the latest from Qualcomm, it will also make use of a curved screen and a 108MP camera that will be combined with other photographic sensors at the height of the best in this regard.

We could be before the very Xiaomi Mi 11

Although at the moment there is no official confirmation, this Xiaomi «Venus» could be the same Xiaomi Mi 11 . Let's not forget that in recent weeks he has not stopped talking about this new high-end Xiaomi that could debut earlier than expected.

Xiaomi Mi 11: Snapdragon 875, 108MP and curved screen will be some of its features. News Xiaomi

Unofficial rendering of the Xiaomi Mi 11.

At the moment everything indicates that the biggest leap of this new generation will be seen in a 2K screen at 120Hz , as well as in a fast charging system on par with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra or even higher than 120W of this.

For the rest, everything remains unknown. Even so, if we take into account the many details that have been appearing about this terminal, it would not be surprising that this year the arrival of Xiaomi's new flagship was anticipated .

When the river sounds, water carries ... and this time it could carry a Xiaomi Mi 11 or even the expected Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 .

The entry Xiaomi Mi 11: Snapdragon 875, 108MP and curved screen would be some of its characteristics, it was published first in XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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