Xiaomi Mi 11, the rumors about its soon launch are getting stronger

While the new Snapdragon 875 will be presented this December 1 by Qualcomm , Xiaomi seems to have done its homework for some time. Again, the rumors regarding the imminent launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11 echo through the network. UPDATE : This information could also refer to the Vivo X60 , therefore, from XIAOMIADICTOS we apologize for the crossing of information. Also clarify that at no time has reference been made to the fact that the images published in this article are related to the Xiaomi Mi 11 .

It is once again Digital Chat Station , one of the main informants around the Xiaomi ecosystem, who through his social networks has again suggested that the first terminal to equip the latest from Qualcomm will be announced before the end of the year .

This new statement together with the first details of the next Xiaomi flagship that ensured that it would be the first smartphone to incorporate the Snapdragfon 875, makes us think once again that Xiaomi could present its Xiaomi Mi 11 throughout the next month of December and not in early 2021 as expected.

Although there is still no official confirmation, the accelerated rate of update that Xiaomi has shown in the last year partially confirms these new rumors. Who knows, maybe Qualcomm and Xiaomi have made a new agreement again in order to make the Snapdragon 875 debut exclusively .

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In short, although it is not clear, as the saying goes "when the river sounds, water carries". So many rumors around this imminent launch, make it clear that Xiaomi is finalizing some surprise in order to close this 2020.

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