Xiaomi Mi 10 gets Android 11 update [MIUI V12.2.2.0RJBCNXM]

It has been a week since some Xiaomi Mi 10 users reported the distribution of MIUI V12.2.2.0.RJBCNXM based on Android 11. But there were problems and Xiaomi withdrew the update.

Now a new Android 11 update is available, this time it is called MIUI V12.2.2.0RJBCNXM and is 3.6 GB in size. Aside from the latest Android iteration that it brings with it, the update brings a number of features like Super Document, Camera VLOG, and an AI watermark.

Xiaomi warns that since this update updates the Android version, it is recommended to back up personal data in advance. The update also takes a relatively long time to start and load. Therefore, performance and power consumption problems such as warming can occur within a short time after starting. In addition, according to Xiaomi, there may also be problems with some third-party applications.

Xiaomi Mi 10 MIUI V12.2.2.0RJBCNXM Changelog

Great document

  • Newly added floating function panel, support quick collapse and expand. Rich viewing functions in portrait mode, best reading experience in landscape mode.
  • Added one-click [Import PDF] function for documents / forms / PDFs
  • Added document / form / PDF [screencasting] function
  • Added PPT / PDF [Thumbnail] function, faster to jump to pages
  • Added rotating screen prompt switching function
  • Optimized version APK size and runtime storage space


  • Update Google security patch (October 2020) to improve system security
  • MIUI stable version based on Android 11 deep customization is released


  • Added VLOG mode. Added two templates "Story and Rhythm"
  • Added VLOG mode to support the draft box function, you can save the current shooting progress to the draft box
  • Added AI watermarks Add 3 location watermarks and latitude and longitude watermarks
  • Optimized recording mode 8K video function entrance integrated into the top menu bar
  • Optimize the VLOG mode and upgrade to the cloud download runtime and template resources. The new VLOG template will be pushed through the cloud in the future
  • Optimize the watermark for new models
  • After optimizing the user to adjust the zoom ratio of each function in the camera, within 30 seconds, turn on the camera again, switch back to the camera from the album, and turn on the camera on the lock screen, keep the zoom ratio unchanged


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