Xiaomi launches its first air conditioner capable of controlling humidity

As we announced yesterday , Xiaomi today presented its new air conditioning. This time, beyond controlling the temperature like any other device of the same type, this new Xiaomi air conditioner is also capable of controlling humidity .

If it is a new series of split or vertical type air conditioners , which with a compressor performance of 1HP, 1.5HP, 2HP and 3HP, add a high precision dual control system , capable of regulating the temperature and the humidity according to our need.

On the one hand, this new series of Xiaomi air conditioners is capable of regulating the desired temperature with a minimum difference setting of 0.5ºC . In addition, the humidity control can be adjusted to values between 45% and 65% relative humidity in air .

Xiaomi lanza su primer aire acondicionado capaz de controlar la humedad. Noticias Xiaomi A

New Series of air conditioners with dual control of temperature and humidity.

Likewise, this new set of air conditioners adds a new self-cleaning system . Thanks to its radiator covered with hydrophilic aluminum fins , these are automatically cleaned removing dirt and acting as an antibacterial.

The price for these new air conditioners starts from 2,099 yuan, about 270 euros to change and as usual, they will only be destined for the Chinese market since their dimensions and weight will make it difficult to import.

The entry Xiaomi launches its first air conditioner capable of controlling humidity was first published in XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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