Xiaomi launched the Lumi motion sensor with a 6-year long standby

Lumi recently launched the new Aqara high-precision motion sensor, which costs 299 yuan. This brand is part of Xiaomi's environmental chain.

Lumi is known for building sensors and has joined the Xiaomi ecosystem since 2015. The brand's Aqara collection has become very popular because of the sensors used in various fields, and its latest product offers a high-precision sensor that can record the movement of people and animals. This sensor can map with high accuracy and can even record small movements of the human palm.

To briefly describe the new Aqara system, it is a device that incorporates several sensors and can act as a high-precision sensor. In addition, this product can work with devices that take advantage of the functionality of Zigbee 3.0. Using its connecting accessories, this sensor can be installed in different spaces such as the ceiling or wall.

The body of the Lumi Aqara sensor has the IPX5 waterproof standard, which can prevent accidental damage due to water leakage. It also allows it to be installed in areas with high humidity. Another noteworthy thing about this device is that its sensors are made with a very low consumption design that allows its battery to work in standby mode for up to 6 years.

Xiaomi launches Lumi motion sensor with 6-year long standby for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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