Xiaomi implements a new power and volume menu in the MIUI 12 beta

After a rumored aesthetic change in the shutdown menu of its smartphones, Xiaomi has just implemented a new interface for it , also updating the design of the volume settings of MIUI 12 .

Specifically, this new update comes through the latest beta released for the MIUI Chinese ROM . In this a new sliding shutdown menu has been added, which in a more simple and intuitive way allows us to turn off or restart our Xiaomi.

Furthermore, the volume adjustment interface has also been updated . Now the buttons show design lines more in line with MIUI 12 , in turn integrating a more attractive animation with the same effects that we can see in the new MIUI 12 control center.

Likewise, from the quick volume adjustment we will now also have the possibility of activating the do not disturb mode . This is displayed just below the mute button and the volume slider itself.

Xiaomi implementa un nuevo menú de apagado y volumen en la beta de MIUI 12. Noticias Xiaomi A

New shutdown menus and volumes that Xiaomi has implemented in MIUI 12.

In summary, several very interesting aesthetic changes that make part of the options that we have in our Xiaomi better adapt to the general lines of MIUI 12 and its animations.

That is, at the moment these changes are only present in the beta of the MIUI 12 Chinese ROM so until its arrival in the global version we will have to wait longer than we would like or make use of other ROMs such as Xiaomi EU .


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