Xiaomi has introduced the new Mejia steam iron

Xiaomi has officially launched a new innovative product under the Xiaomi Mall financing platform, which will be on sale at the 11.11 Shopping Festival. This product is called mijia Compression Steam Iron and is priced at 499 yuan ($ 75), which is quite affordable.

Mejia Compression Clothes Steamer uses a pump pressure of up to 500 kPa to produce high pressure steam to prevent sudden rise and fall of steam. The strong penetration power of this iron due to its high steam volume of 42 grams per minute causes it to reach the depth of the fiber and can quickly soften the fabric and smooth its deep wrinkles.

The whole machine has a power of 2200W, which allows the iron to quickly convert moisture into full steam. This steam iron has an average temperature of 135 ° C. Xiaomi claims that using this iron is easy without any professional skills.

For ease of use, the Mejia steam iron is equipped with an adjustable ironing table from 0 to 90 degrees, which makes it possible to iron long clothes and pants easily and without the need to bend.

This device is also equipped with a 2 liter water tank that allows it to be used continuously for more than 40 minutes, when it is full of water. Under these conditions, the iron can iron 18 to 15 pants and continuously produce full steam and also has the function of protecting against water shortage. In addition, the water inlet is equipped with a water temperature detection sensor and an intelligent dynamic water inlet velocity that can achieve high steam temperature stability regardless of winter or summer.

When the sensitive area on the handle is left while using this iron, the device automatically stops the steam outlet, and when the measuring area of ​​the handle is held again, the steam outlet resumes. Also, after a pause of more than 30 minutes, the device turns off automatically.

Xiaomi launches new Mejia steam iron for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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