Xiaomi has introduced the Mi Light Wireless Mouse

Ahead of the 11/11 Sales Festival on November 11, Xiaomi has launched a new wireless mouse. This product is called the Mi Light Wireless Mouse and uses a minimalist design and light weight. The mouse is completely wireless and without wire restrictions and costs 39 yuan ($ 5), but will be sold on November 11 at 29 yuan ($ 4).

The Xiaomi Wireless Light Mouse uses integrated curved buttons and simple protrusions to create a comfortable yet elegant design. This device is a combination of dark gray and black and is a good option for desks. Teflon materials with low friction properties are used in mouse insoles. This mouse is resistant to abrasion and has its own lubricating properties that allow the mouse to move easily and freely.

The mouse supports 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology, which has a continuous and stable transmission signal. Its compact wireless receiver also replaces the hard wired connection, creating a beautiful workspace.

This wireless mouse is the size of a medium-sized mouse that fits the palms and fingers naturally, and clicks buttons smoothly and easily. The symmetrical left and right buttons and the scroll wheel of the composite center button are easy to use. This battery-free device weighs only 60 grams. Its lightweight design keeps your hands from getting tired easily.

In addition, the Xiaomi Wireless Light Mouse is equipped with an original 1000dpi precision sensor, powered by an AAA battery, and has a stand-alone power switch with automatic sleep technology, saving energy and extending usage time. It comes from the mouse.

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