World map shows 5G availability, also in Germany

5G is spreading so slowly in Germany too. But it would of course be exciting to know whether there is even 5G in your own environment, so that you could perhaps switch to the new cellular standard.

There are of course the corresponding overview maps of the individual providers in Germany. Still, it is of course easier when you have them all on one card.

Ookla has launched exactly this one 5G card, which provides information about 5G availability worldwide. And now Germany has also been incorporated.

The map is structured in such a way that it is not possible to search for exact availability, but for reported locations. For example, it is stored for Berlin that 5G is offered by Telekom, Vodafone and o2. But you can't look where exactly in Berlin the 5G network is really available.

Perhaps there will soon also be such a card from the Federal Network Agency, so that you don't have to look at every single provider.

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